Of course I usually take a shower without my glasses on. Most people do, most of the time. Not all people do, not all of the time. There’s a reason for that.

I took my glasses off before climbing into the shower this morning. Half way through my shower, something dark in the bottom of the tub caught my eye. A thick ribbon of brown, slithered up against the side of the tub, just under the edge of the shower curtain.

I’m gonna die! There’s a snake in my shower!

The snake is between me and the exit. Samantha is on the potty in the room with me. My feet are so close to it. How am I going to get out without disturbing it? What kind of snake is it? How do I get Samantha off the potty and around the door without injury or pee on the floor? What is it like to get bit by a snake? Is Daniel in the bathroom?

Wait. It isn’t moving – at all. Didn’t George say he’d had to drape the bathmat over the edge of the tub this morning because it was wet? The brown bathmat.


So. I think today is towel day with the laundry. What do I feel like making for lunch?