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My sons love to play outside.  They do not love to play together.  The rule is very firm for the five year old.  The baby cries, and his outside time is over.  As much as possible, they rotate play spaces.

My daughter does not love to play outside.  She is not particularly fond of sticky heat and blood sucking bugs.  She does not appreciate her need for fresh air or sunlight.  She plays outside until the timer in my hand beeps, and for every time she approaches me to whine about it, another minute gets tacked on.  She tries to be a good sport about it, and sometimes even misses the beep, she becomes so engrossed in play.

All three of them wind up outside at the same time today, a particularly hot and mosquito ridden day.  Within minutes, I am escorting Jack back to the door, to wait for another turn just for himself later.  Samantha watches.

A few minutes later, she appears by my elbow, and quietly, hopefully asks, “Mama.  If I make the baby cry, do I have to go inside?”


Random Responses

I am making pizza dough with my kitchenaid mixer. It has a lid that fits the bowl, and Jack thinks the lid is hilarious. It looks a little bit like a hat for a very tiny headed person, because of a depression in the middle of the lid to accommodate the mixer where it extends into the bowl.

Jack steals the mixer lid off the pizza dough while it is rising. He leaves the kitchen wearing it on his head, holding it on with two hands and cackling at his own daring and success. I have my hands too full to do anything about it, for the moment.

George comes across Jack a few minutes later, still wandering around with the lid, with two of his toy trains tucked into the hollow in the middle of the lid. Samantha is careening about the living room, and she collides into him, knocking one of the two trains out of the lid and onto the floor.

Jack looks at his remaining train, looks down at the floor, and screams, “SNANA! I’ve been cleaning this for HOURS!”