I cut up watermelon for everybody, for snack, but Jack can’t stand it because of the seeds, so he skipped it, even the pieces I guaranteed as seed free.

After everything is all cleaned up, I notice he’s quiet, so I stop by the room he’s in to check on him. He is quietly watching a movie on the computer. The second he catches sight of me, though, his chin trembles.

“Jack, what’s wrong, darling? Are you sad?”

He starts to cry.

“Jack! What happened?”

He sobs, “I dropped my watermelon on the floor!”

“What are you talking about, Jack? Where did you drop watermelon?” ‘What watermelon?!’ is what I’m thinking.

He points at the floor, where, sure enough, there’s a splatted piece of watermelon, and cries. He’s been sitting there, heart sick over his stolen watermelon, when a giant bowl of it, picked free of seeds and freely offered, was waiting for him in the kitchen.