I woke up on a weekend morning to find an email from my husband waiting for me on my phone.

George gets up early, ahead of the children, so that he can get some gaming time in on the computer.  On this particular morning, Samantha woke up shortly after he had gotten started, and hours before me, and so she wound up getting some time to watch her Daddy play.  Her words made me aware of just how often she’s managed to get this time.   Here is some of her game play commentary, as George shared with me:

“Dad, don’t stand in the black circles, they’re poison and will kill you, and then everyone will die, and I’ll be sad.”

“Dad, I know you’re healing, and you’re good at healing, but if you were playing your DPS time, these guys would already be dead.”

“Oh great. It’s raining bad guys. And now it’s raining lasers. I guess this just isn’t your day.”

“Dad, I know it’s not about winning, it’s about having fun. And I do know that it’s about having fun. But it seems like you have more fun when you’re winning.”

I’m thinking I should sleep in less.